Doomsday vs Hulk

129 minutes

0:00:00 - Introduction
0:03:48 - Trivia question
0:07:25 - Justice League official heroes trailer
0:25:00 - Geoff Johns and Dianne Nelson talk DC film in Vulture interview
0:35:52 - Gore Verbinski to direct Gambit
0:39:59 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix possibly a two-parter
0:43:47 - Teen Titans GO movie in development
0:57:51 - Runaways teaser trailer
0:54:02 - Thoughts on first episodes of The Gifted and Inhumans
1:02:51 - Doomsday vs Hulk intro
1:06:15 - Doomsday profile and powers
1:26:27 - Hulk profile and powers
1:47:50 - Fight speculation
1:59:51 - Duel results
2:05:10 - Sign off

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