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**Ten of the Best Nerdtastic Denver Podcasts** "They go way, way beyond the usual 'who can beat Flash in a footrace' questions that even the comics would occasionally indulge. It’s sheer fun, from fans who care about what they’re debating." — WESTWORD


**One of the TOP 20 Podcasts for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lovers** "In this epic podcast, twin brothers Johnny DC and Marvelous Joe go head-to-head while reviewing superhero movies from DC and Marvel. Yeah, these brothers are seriously dedicated to their craft!" — ZIMBIO

What fans say about the podcast

You're going to love this.

"This is a podcast that I accidentally stumbled upon and it is the happiest accident to ever happen. Whether you're a Marvel fan, a DC fan, or somewhere in between, you are going to love this podcast and look forward to every single episode."

CalebBrown13 (Apple Podcasts)

Look forward to every episode!

"As a non-comic reader Johnny & Joe explain everything clearly and are easy to follow. They are very passionate & knowledgeable about their favorite comic book characters. I move each episode to the top of my list when they come out. Keep up the great work!"

YungTocs (Apple Podcasts)

Great deep dive into the world of comics!

"Joe and Johnny have a great dynamic and I could listen to them talk for days. With a combination of the super hero fights we debated as kids and keeping us updated on news from upcoming TV shows and movies, this is the definitive super hero podcast!"

HLBurrus (Apple Podcasts)

A truly joyful listen.

"Marvelous Joe & Johnny DC are a pure delight to listen to. They have the heart and souls of true fans who love these properties. Their honest opinions are shared thoughtfully each week, and they can deliver criticism when deserved without being snarky or immature."

Gav Eye (Apple Podcasts)

10/10 Podcast

"They are amazing. They are professional, enthusiastic, they love what they do, and are just downright fun. Great to listen to if you are a fan of DC and/or Marvel or if you are just bored and want to try something new. They always bring a smile to my face."

Shfjdbck (Apple Podcasts)

A must-have podcast for geeks everywhere.

In today's world anyone can have a podcast, so there's not a lot of originality. But I'm happy to say that there is nothing out there like Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel. Any geek would love this podcast. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Kenny McNeese (Apple Podcasts)

About the Hosts

Johnny DC

Johnny DC


Jonathan is older (and wiser) by 1 hour and 8 minutes. He used to be a Marvel fan, but then he grew the hell up and recognized DC's superior stories and timeless archetypes.

Marvelous Joe

Marvelous Joe


Joseph is younger and better looking. He knows two things for certain: That with great power comes great responsibility, and that DC sucks a bag of dicks.

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